What is the KPMA EPIC Leadership Program?

KPMA is accepting applications for the EPIC Leadership Development Program, a initiative exclusively for and open to all KPMA members. The EPIC Program was created to develop future KPMA leaders, increase member engagement, and enhance the overall member experience. Participants will graduate from the EPIC Program with a greater knowledge of the KPMA and our industry, become better equipped for future leadership roles, and gain a personal network of fellow EPICs to grow and enhance their industry connections.

If you are interested in joining the next year, please email us at kpma@kpma.org today.  Deadline is April 3, 2023 to submit interest as we would like to announce the new class at M-PACT, however we can entertain applicants shortly after.

Program Details

Members who want to join the EPIC class of participants are asked to complete an application (which includes endorsement by their upper management) and pay a $300 registration fee. Each application is reviewed by a panel of past KPMA Chairmen before acceptance into the program. Approved applicants must commit to the 12-month program, attend all required activities, and complete a minimum number of elective assignments.

Recognition From Peers and Industry Professionals

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