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This year’s conference provides you and your team a timely and cost effective way to get the Kentucky USTB A/B Operator Renewal, but it's so much more!  You will discover how the EPA's final approval for Kentucky’s UST State program will effect your business in 2021. Hear from two panels filled with Industry legends and Kentucky Regulators that includes live Q&A. From EMV crunch time to strategic maintenance, running your business through the pandemic and more, let the Tank & Tech Conference help get your business ready for what 2021 brings!

Virtual Event Rates - Online Registration Ends November 2, 2020

KPMA Member:        $150

Non Member:            $175

Government Rate:  $160 - Only available via phone 859-219-3571

Fully attending each session of this online conference will satisfy 

Kentucky's USTB A/B Operator Renewal Requirement

Attendance will also qualify for Professional Development (PD)


Modern Welding


Sessions times are set in Eastern Time Zone

WELCOME DAY 1 - 9:00 am


John Austin, Modern Welding and Brian Clark, KPMA

SESSION 1 - 9:10 am

Russ Haecker, Dover Fueling Solutions

EMV - Nearing the Finish Line

Russ Haecker will share with us how EMV will change the way merchants do business, maintain their equipment, and how it will minimize fraud. He will discuss the challenges many will face by delays in upgrading and the financial ramifications of those delays. The EMV deadline is April 16-17th, 2021, so making the final changes now will be crucial to ensuring your business is ready for this liability shift. Fuel pumps must be equipped to handle chip card transactions, or retailers risk liability for any counterfeit fraud that might occur at that station.

MarketPlace Connections - 10:00 am

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SESSION 2 - 10:10 am

John Austin (Modern Welding), Tom Fassas (Petro Towery), Keith Howard (Valor Oil) and Mark Sweet (Shield Environmental)

Field Stories: Tales from the Tank to the Pump

Enjoy a unique panel experience with four industry legends as they share their stories and lessons learned.  The group will talk about the challenges of the last year, stories from the past, and how they see our industry moving forward in 2021.

MarketPlace Connections 11:00 am

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SESSION 3 - 11:10 am - Noon

Michael K. Vanover, Clean Fuels National

Defensive and Strategic Maintenance

Michael K. Vanover, President and CEO of Clean Fuels National, will explore how a more defensive mindset towards maintenance can help save lives and save your company money, all while being environmentally responsible. He will explore inexpensive strategies for both above and below ground storage vessels. 

Vanover is a petroleum industry innovator and solution oriented leader. Recognized as a leading expert in identifying fuel contamination and developer of a superior AST/UST cleaning process for which he holds a United States patent.

WELCOME DAY 2 - 9:00 am

John Austin, Modern Welding and Brian Clark, KPMA

Ky TEC Awards Presentation

SESSION 1 - 9:10 am

Ky Underground Storage Tank Branch

A-B Operator Renewal Training Part 1

MarketPlace Connections - 10:00 am

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SESSION 2 - 10:10 am

Ky Underground Storage Tank Branch

A-B Operator Renewal Training Part 2

MarketPlace Connections 11:00 am

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SESSION 3 - 11:10 am - Noon

Kentucky Underground Storage Tank Branch (USTB), Kentucky Department of Agriculture and Kentucky State Fire Marshal Office

Panel Discussion on 2020 Pandemic Issues and 2021 Planning

One of the most popular features of our conference is the closing panel of agency representatives who will take your questions about regulations in Kentucky. This is a great opportunity for dialogue with our panelists. You'll hear firsthand from Kentucky's UST Branch about the significance of the recent SPA approval from the EPA, how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the regulatory process, what's on the horizon for 2021 and more.



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Online Registration Ends November 2, 2020

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