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This training section will guide you through the information you will need to know to become a trained UST facility employee.

It will also provide you with general knowledge that will enable you to respond to an emergency if it occurs. Due to the different agencies and procedures involved in responding to emergencies, this training is not site specific.

The A/B Operator for the UST facility should have established a place where important documents are kept with specific procedures and contact numbers in case of emergencies.

These procedures should include what to do and who to call if the following occur:

  • Alarms go off on UST monitoring equipment
  • A dispenser is damaged and there is the possibility of a leak
  • A delivery driver has a spill or overfill
  • A visible release occurs or you notice signs that a release might have occurred
  • Leak detection equipment shuts down or slows down pumps

You should be trained to:

  •  Shut off product flow in case of an emergency
  • Operate a fire extinguisher
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Electronic records of UST facility employee training are not maintained by KPMA or any other entity. In order to retain proof of trained UST facility employee status, please be sure to print your certificate and keep it on file.
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